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The Valley Legends are old school rock soldiers from Columbus, Ohio.  The band plays a diverse set of offerings covering songs from the 60's through the present.  If you like rock music - chances are that you will enjoy what they do.  

The Members of the band include:  Lenny James (Electric Bass & Vocals), Kevin Lawrence (Percussion & Vocals) and Jeff DuMond (Electric Guitar and Vocals).   Junior members of the band include: Brian DuMond (Vocals), Dave Meagher (Vocals) and Rick Miller (Cowbell).  Tim Burkhart is in charge of bookings and lighting.    

Should you choose to come see The Valley Legends - you will instantly be impressed with their tight harmonies and aggressive sound.  These guys go for the throat on every tune - even the mellow ones!  The soul of the true rock n' roll spirit lives here!   


The Valley Legends share two immediate goals:  Rock out as hard as possible and subjugate the collective populace under the band's will leaving them mindless, non-sentient husks who only live for the next Valley Legends show..... Rock n' Roll.